Photographs from Trip to Palermo

I have posted some photographs from my class's recent "research" trip to Palermo on Sicily on our studio blog, here.
Palermo is a beautiful and strange city, it contains a palimpsest of old Italian architecture layered with the Islamic architecture of the Saracens further layered with 12th century Norman influence, a breed of distinct Islamic-Norman-Italian architecture that can't be seen anywhere else. The landscape of Sicily is rugged and picturesque, clearly informed by its volcanic origins. Nearby, in Segesta, we visited an ancient Greek temple, dating I believe from the 6th C BC.
Enjoy the photos!


Hi Ho, Hi Ho . . .

Here's a picture from the NYT today of Harper, Bush, and Calderon pretending to work as they assure the exploitation of workers in Columbia and elsewhere through their mutual support of free trade.

They look like they're having fun, eh?