Koolhaas's new exhibit slams historic preservation

A new Rem Koolhaas curated exhibit at The New Museum in New York explores the real complexity of historic preservation, a complexity to which we are often blinded by the self-righteous assuredness with which those in support of it often state their case. Historic preservation is so inherently flavoured with death-denial and dipped in political agenda it is surprising that so many take at such face-value. Or is that surprising?

Don't get me wrong. Historical preservation has its place, but it should by no means be such a knee-jerk reaction as it so often is. The world becomes laden with so many Pioneer Villages and Colonial Williamsburgs. Give me a Norman Foster British Museum or Reichstag renovation any day.

For more on Koolhaas's perspectives on historical preservation, see the lecture he gave a few years ago at the GSD, here.